Find helpful and informative guides and blogs about employee car benefits and read case studies from our customers.

Managing and Reducing the Risks of a Grey Fleet

Is your grey fleet a liability? Discover strategies for effective grey fleet management. Minimise risk, improve driver safety, and control costs.

Helping Customers Make Vital Savings with a CBS Car Scheme

Case Study - Over 700 Vehicle Fleet

Drive Recruitment & Retention: The Power of a Car Benefit 

Looking to rev up recruitment? Attract top talent, and boost employee satisfaction with a car benefit scheme tailored for your business and its people. 

The Tax Implications of a Company Car

Unravel company car tax complexities for your fleet. Explore Benefit-in-Kind rates and find the perfect fit with insights from Car Benefit Solutions.

EV Home Chargers Guide – All You Need to Know

Optimise your electric fleet with home charging solutions. Explore cost savings, efficiency and environmental benefits with insights from CBS.

P11Ds: Everything You Need to Know

Demystify P11Ds and learn how to accurately report employee benefits and comply with HMRC regulations with insights from Car Benefit Solutions.

Spring Driving Tips & Checks: Ready Your Fleet

Seasons are changing, get your fleet ready for Spring. Learn essential vehicle checks and driving tips for a safe and efficient season for your fleet.

The Challenges of a Fleet Department

Find out the common challenges faced by fleet managers and how to navigate them to make improvements for your business and your employees.

HMRC Advisory Fuel & Electric Rates 

Do you know there are changes coming on 1 March 2024?