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Is Your Company Car Scheme in Line with Modern Day Living? 

Company cars aren’t new, but there are multiple ways to deliver a car benefit now.

With hybrid working the norm for a lot of businesses these days, commuting isn’t what it once was. However, even travelling for half a working week still requires transportation. With the goal posts moved though, what does a modern company car scheme now look like?

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Your Driver Community

Within your business, you might have several driver types, all of which might have different needs when it comes to a car. Most likely, you’ll have company car-entitled drivers, you provide a car for them as it’s a requirement of their job role.  

You might also have perk drivers, such as senior employees, and a car for them is part of their overall rewards package. Finally, you might also give any remaining employees the opportunity to opt into a car scheme, should they want to.  

With YouGov stating that 32% of Brits don’t want to be locked into owning a car because their needs may change, simply offering an employee car benefit is putting you on the right track for modern day living.  

Options for Car Benefits

It isn’t just hybrid working that has impacted how a modern car scheme looks, sustainability and environmental concerns are adding another requirement to be considered.

Possibilities for a future-proof employee car benefit scheme could include car-sharing options, offering Electric Vehicles (EVs) or even an allowance for other methods of transport.

Ways to Deliver Modern Car Benefits to Your Employees

Here at Car Benefit Solutions (CBS), we can offer employee benefits via Business Car Leasing and Salary Sacrifice Car options, as well as Employee Car Ownership Schemes (ECOS). So, whatever your business requirements are, we’re confident we’ll have a solution for you that will have multiple benefits for you and your employees. 

We can help decide which benefit package is right for you depending on if your fleet includes entitled and non-entitled drivers, where you are on your green agenda, and the benefit level you want to offer. 

Having the right solution for your driver community can support your recruitment and retention offering. Get in touch with us today to find out more.