Employee Car Ownership Schemes (ECOS)

Savings, flexibility, increased choice and control all under one solution.

Employee Car Ownership Schemes (ECOS)

Savings, flexibility, increased choice and control all under one solution.


Employee Car Ownership Schemes, or ECOS for short, give you and your employees the benefits of a company car without the associated company car tax – increasing flexibility, improving controls and generating savings.

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Your business and employees can enjoy the operational benefits of a company car, but without the associated company car tax.

Benefits of ECOS

Generate Savings

Create material savings for your business and your employees in comparison to company car tax - and decide how these are distributed and utilised.

Gain Full Control

Create a car benefit policy and choose how much your employees contribute towards the running costs of their car. We’ll also help you maintain it, saving you admin and resource.

Fleet Freedom

You have the freedom to choose which cars can be added to your ECOS solution, and this can be a combination of petrol, diesel and Electric Vehicles (EVs). You can also align the cars you choose with your operational needs.

How ECOS Works

Employees choose a vehicle

Selection, ordering and delivery all managed on the CBS Portal.

Vehicle is sold to employees

Employees no longer subject to company car tax.

Employees pay monthly

Contribution via net pay and no impact on credit score.*

Easy renewal process

At the end of term, employees can choose a brand new car.

Employee Benefits

Provide a market leading car benefit, helping you to attract new talent and retain the best staff.

No company car tax.
Freedom to choose any car.
Fixed monthly repayments.
Operational benefits of a company car.
No impact on credit score.*
Can keep the car at the end of term.

*See FAQs for further information.

Let’s Talk Tax

With ECOS, the ownership of the vehicle passes to the employee when the car is delivered. This means that Benefit-in-Kind tax and Class 1A National Insurance Contributions are not applicable. You determine the level of employee benefit. The employee pays a fixed amount each month, deducted from net pay, to cover the running costs of the car.

Is ECOS Right
For You?

ECOS removes your fleet from the scope of company car tax, helping to create business and employee savings.

Remember, our ECOS can be one part of your overall solution alongside our other products, creating a blended car benefit package.

Discover all our solutions for employee car benefits.

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