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Partnering with employers to provide flexible and inclusive car solutions.

Our Solutions

We’ve got a solution for every business need and every driver. Whether you’re looking for cost savings, transitioning to a greener fleet, wanting to boost your recruitment and retention strategy, we have an employee benefit package for you.

We know your employee population has varied needs, meaning you need a solution that works for everyone.  

Employee Car
Ownership Schemes

A car benefit with no Benefit-in-Kind tax, for employees who want to drive petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid or self-charging hybrid vehicles.

Sacrifice Cars

An attractive car benefit for Electric Vehicles with savings for your business and your employees.

Car Leasing

Flexible vehicle leasing to suit your business needs.

Who We Help

Wondering if we have an employee benefit solution for you? We’re confident we do. We don’t do out of the box. Our team of experts take pride in getting to know you, so your solution works for you and your employees.

Our Latest Insights

Discover the latest news, guides and insights, as well as business saving solutions and employee benefits we’ve delivered to our customers.

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Why Choose Car Benefit Solutions?
We do car benefits differently, with a solution designed for you.

Our solutions are designed to suit the needs of every business and every driver. We’ll look at what you do today and what you want to achieve in the future. We’ll help you discover which solution works best for your business and will keep your employees feeling valued and rewarded.

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