Employee Benefits

Find helpful and informative guides and blogs about employee car benefits and read case studies from our customers.

Managing and Reducing the Risks of a Grey Fleet

Is your grey fleet a liability? Discover strategies for effective grey fleet management. Minimise risk, improve driver safety, and control costs.

Are Increasing Costs Causing You to Postpone a Fleet Upgrade?

Are rising costs squeezing your fleet budget? Upgrade strategically! Explore EVs, financing, and cost-saving tips to improve safety, and boost efficiency.

Helping Customers Make Vital Savings with a CBS Car Scheme

Case Study - Over 700 Vehicle Fleet

Drive Recruitment & Retention: The Power of a Car Benefit 

Looking to rev up recruitment? Attract top talent, and boost employee satisfaction with a car benefit scheme tailored for your business and its people. 

The Tax Implications of a Company Car

Unravel company car tax complexities for your fleet. Explore Benefit-in-Kind rates and find the perfect fit with insights from Car Benefit Solutions.

EV Home Chargers Guide – All You Need to Know

Optimise your electric fleet with home charging solutions. Explore cost savings, efficiency and environmental benefits with insights from CBS.

P11Ds: Everything You Need to Know

Demystify P11Ds and learn how to accurately report employee benefits and comply with HMRC regulations with insights from Car Benefit Solutions.

Hybrid vs Electric Cars: What’s Right For Your Fleet? 

Hybrid or electric, which is the right choice for your fleet? Find the perfect fit for your business with the latest insights from Car Benefit Solutions.

Spring Driving Tips & Checks: Ready Your Fleet

Seasons are changing, get your fleet ready for Spring. Learn essential vehicle checks and driving tips for a safe and efficient season for your fleet.