Electric Vehicles

Find helpful and informative guides and blogs about employee car benefits and read case studies from our customers.

Drive Recruitment & Retention: The Power of a Car Benefit 

Looking to rev up recruitment? Attract top talent, and boost employee satisfaction with a car benefit scheme tailored for your business and its people. 

The Tax Implications of a Company Car

Unravel company car tax complexities for your fleet. Explore Benefit-in-Kind rates and find the perfect fit with insights from Car Benefit Solutions.

EV Home Chargers Guide – All You Need to Know

Optimise your electric fleet with home charging solutions. Explore cost savings, efficiency and environmental benefits with insights from CBS.

Hybrid vs Electric Cars: What’s Right For Your Fleet? 

Hybrid or electric, which is the right choice for your fleet? Find the perfect fit for your business with the latest insights from Car Benefit Solutions.

HMRC Advisory Fuel & Electric Rates 

Do you know there are changes coming on 1 March 2024?

Is Your Company Car Scheme in Line with Modern Day Living? 

Company cars aren’t new, but there are multiple ways to deliver a car benefit now.

Recruit The Best Talent with the Help of an Attractive Car Benefit

As vacancies in the automotive sector reach a 21-year high, recruitment packages need to stand out from the crowd.

The UK’s Journey to a Net Zero Future

Is our supply chain ready to make the switch to manufacturing Electric Vehicles only?

Understanding the Different Types of Electric Vehicles

Know what your options are for new cars in the future.