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Attract and Retain Employees with Personalised Benefits

Being able to offer flexibility to all employees can enhance your benefits package.

As consumers personalisation has become the norm. Many employees now expect that their workplace experience should also be tailored to them as an individual. A standard employee benefits package is simply no longer enough to meet their expectations.

In an average company there could be as many as five generations, which requires an innovative approach to employee benefits. To ensure that you can attract and maintain staff, it is essential to personalise your company's benefits package.

How can you personalise your employee benefits?

The ultimate flexible benefit would be to give your employees a fixed amount and allow them to choose which benefits suit them most, this could be buying extra annual leave, medical insurance, retail discounts or any other benefits you offer. However, this approach can require a lot of management and be costly depending on the size of your company.

Expand your existing benefits

Instead, why not consider an enhancement, offering a flexible car benefit that is not only available to entitled employees, but as an option for everyone? As a sought-after benefit, offering access to a brand-new car to your employees could help towards attracting and retaining new and existing staff.

There are a number of ways to deliver an employee car benefit, such as an Employee Car Ownership Scheme, Salary Sacrifice Cars and Business Car Leasing, all of which can provide savings for your employees and your business – making it a win-win.

Choose a flexible car benefit provider

Our solutions are designed to suit the needs of every business and every driver. We’ll look at what you do today and what you want to achieve in the future. We’ll help you discover which solution works best for your business and will keep your employees feeling valued and rewarded.

Our flexible and tailored approach can help you to personalise your employee benefits package and keep your staff happy.

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