Motor Manufacturers

We’re proud to be trusted by over 30 motor manufacturer brands in the UK to provide car and motorbike benefits to their own employees, their franchised dealer network employees and those in their supply chain.

How Can We Help You?
As a manufacturer partner, you can enjoy all of the benefits of our solutions for your employees, as well as having another sales channel to create brand ambassadors and increase registrations. 
A market leading car benefit for your own employees.
Allows your franchised dealers to deliver an enhanced car benefit to their employees.
The most efficient way for companies in your supply chain to drive your vehicles.
Why Offer a Car Benefit?
Enhance your benefits package by providing a premium benefit for your employees and partners.
Allow your employees and partners to help promote the brand and create brand ambassadors.
Showcase key models by deciding which vehicles are eligible, giving you the power to tailor your scheme.
Create new, sustainable and value enhancing strategic sales channels to drive registrations.
Offer a car benefit to encourage loyalty and build mutual beneficial relationships.
Generate a used car pipeline using the high quality vehicles coming back into the network, and you can control where they go.
We Offer Motorbike Solutions Too
We work with motorbike manufacturers to increase our range of solutions.

Do you want a motorbike scheme that can offer:
An opportunity to generate attractive used motorbike stock.
Affordable prices and short-term contracts.
Development of motorbike brand ambassadors.
How Does it Work?

We’ll work with you to define the details of the partnership, designing a bespoke solution to meet your objectives. You’re in control of which vehicles can be offered as an employee benefit and these can differ across your own employees, your network and supply chain.

We’ll use our structured scheme policies to tailor your solution. Specifying exclusive terms for your own internal car or motorbike schemes, those of your franchised dealer network and for your supply chain. We provide all the help and support you need to implement and operate your chosen scheme.

Discover our approach to employee car and motorbike benefit solutions.

Our Solutions
Employee Car
Ownership Schemes
An employee benefit with no company car tax.
Sacrifice Cars
An affordable way to drive an Electric Vehicle with savings for employers and employees.
Car Leasing
Flexible vehicle leasing to suit your business needs.

Remember, your overall fleet solution can be made up of one, two or all three of our products, creating a blended car benefit package, tailored to your business needs.

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