Franchised Car & Motorbike Dealers

In partnership with more than 30 automotive manufacturer brands, we work with over 200 franchised dealer groups to deliver car and motorbike benefits to their employees.

How Can We Help Your Business?
We’ve created a range of solutions specific for the automotive sector that deliver a range of benefits designed to work in harmony with your business objectives and help towards CAFE requirements.
Enhance your employee benefits package and make you the employer of choice.
Generate material financial savings for your business.
Generate new car registrations and a pipeline of profitable used cars. 
Why Offer a Car Benefit?
Helps create a reliable used car pipeline.
Can count towards registration targets.
Off balance sheet financing.
Remove or reduce write-down costs.
Savings on tax and National Insurance Contributions.
Turn employees into brand ambassadors.
We Offer Motorbike Solutions Too
We work with motorbike manufacturers to increase our range of solutions.

Do you want a motorbike scheme that can offer:
An opportunity to generate attractive used motorbike stock.
Affordable prices and short-term contracts.
Development of motorbike brand ambassadors.
How Does it Work?

Depending on your objectives, you could have Employee Car Ownership Schemes (ECOS), Automotive Salary Sacrifice Cars, a Business Car Leasing solution or a combination of all three.

Solutions can be for employees who receive a car benefit as part of their job role or you can expand it across all employees.

Discover our approach to employee car and motorbike benefit solutions.

Our Automotive Salary Sacrifice Cars
We've tailored our salary sacrifice solution to make it work efficiently for the automotive sector.
Our solution allows you to share the costs of running the Electric Vehicle benefit with your employees, while still enjoying the tax efficiencies of the salary sacrifice structure. Typically, other salary sacrifice providers offer a minimum 12-month contract, but we offer flexibility, meaning you can change the vehicle earlier and add it to your used car pipeline.
Our Customers
Find out what some of our customers have to say.
Our Solutions
Employee Car
Ownership Schemes
A car benefit with no Benefit-in-Kind tax, for employees who want to drive petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid or self-charging hybrid vehicles.
Sacrifice Cars
An attractive car benefit for Electric Vehicles with savings for your business and your employees.
Car Leasing
Flexible vehicle leasing to suit your business needs.

Remember, your overall fleet solution can be made up of any combination of our products, creating a blended car benefit package, tailored to your employee driving needs and your business objectives.

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