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New Year, New Employee Bike Benefit

Case Study – Motorbike Fleet

Ducati kicks off the year with new benefit for UK employees

Last year, we launched our first CBS bike scheme, and we’re thrilled to be working with more motorbike manufacturers to increase our range of solutions.

The premium Italian manufacturer wanted to expand its current employee bike scheme and make it more attractive for its employee population. Ultimately, offering employees who work directly for the dealership access to the latest motorbike product, at an affordable price over a short-term contract - either 6 or 12 months.

Making sign-up and participation in the scheme simple was a key factor for our client, and we worked with them to achieve this. We also developed two options to give Ducati full control of the benefit, from being able to select which bikes would be on the scheme choice list to enhancing the benefit further for senior members of staff, if required.

Since launching the new scheme has already been a hit with employees, with plenty of enquiries being made about the newest bike model released.

In addition to offering employees the chance to ride the latest motorcycles, the scheme provides a new opportunity to generate attractive used motorbike stock, as well as a chance to increase employee satisfaction, boost morale, and develop brand ambassadors.

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