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Employee Benefits with Multi-Brand Vehicle Choices

Case Study – Less Than 10 Vehicle Fleet

Maximum choice across all franchised brands

An existing dealer group wanted to introduce an employee car benefit to help to recruit new employees and retain existing staff. The dealership launched a car benefit package that’s available to all employees and vehicle options span across all franchised brands.

Following a successful set-up, we completed some onsite visits to introduce employees to the car benefit solution, highlighting how it works, the benefits of the scheme and how they can register and place an order for their new car.

We created a bespoke vehicle choice list for our client, which is intuitive and tracks available stock in the dealership pipeline, so employees can quote, order and have a vehicle delivered quickly. Both the dealer group and employees are delighted with the solution and support from CBS.

From the initial contact to getting this employee car benefit solutions implemented, has been over three years in the making, but it was worth the wait.

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