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Gain Certainty and Take Control of Your Employee Car Benefit

Take control of your employee car benefits and future-proof your business.
Gain certainty with our inclusive vehicle solutions

In 2022, we saw a number of factors that influenced the efficiency of providing employee car benefits, in particular towards the end of the year, when the Autumn Statement confirmed the Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) rates for Electric Vehicles (EV) up to 2028.

What does this mean for your business?

While we do have clarity on the BiK rates of an EV car, we don’t have certainty of other costs such as interest rates, basic price increases, inflation and supply and demand. Therefore a flexible and adaptable way of providing employee car benefits is going to be vital for 2023.

Read our white paper about how our inclusive vehicles solutions can help you gain more certainty when it comes to providing the best car benefits for your employees.

In the paper, you can learn about: